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Dropbox Connect

  • The Dropbox Connect service lets users who have a Dropbox account connect a laptop or tablet to Dropbox to sync files automatically
  • To use Dropbox Connect, a user will need to log in to their account. If they do not have an account set up, it’s easy to do so, with just an e-mail account needed
  • Once a user connects Dropbox to their laptop or cell phone, any file placed in that folder will be available anywhere else the user has Dropbox installed

Dropbox Connect can also be used on a mobile phone, but the software will have to be installed separately (downloaded as an app). There’s no way to sync a cell phone with Dropbox Connect. Once Dropbox is installed on a cell phone, users will need to move files to the Dropbox folder to sync (this will not be done automatically). Users can choose to connect both business and personal accounts in to one user account and still keep files separate. Files from both the work and the personal account will be available from anywhere. When people use Dropbox Connect, their files are available instantly, and the system Dropbox is installed on can be used right away. Dropbox can be set to “view only” access, where a user can simply see files but can’t make any changes, or “edit access,” where they can add and remove files.  Any questions in regards to the Dropbox Connect service can be directed to a customer chat agent at 1-888-414-8124.

More important things to know about Dropbox

Dropbox is an online file backup service that was founded in 2007, and is now available in 17 languages and has over 500 million users, making it the 72nd most popular service on the internet. The service has come under fire several times, once for allowing accounts to be accessed without a password thanks to a hack, and then in 2017 when suddenly, years old deleted files appeared back in user accounts.


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