Why Facebook Sucks – Bad!!


Nobody can argue with the fact that Facebook is a great way of getting in touch with people you hated so many years ago, especially in your teen years, then accept them as “friends” just to find out your life-long dream of them ending up miserable didn’t quite surface. This is just one of the many reasons why Facebook sucks.

untitledRecent studies conducted by psychologist Ethan Kross at the University of Michigan proved that Facebook has a negative effect on individuals who partake in this superficial way of expression. Apparently feelings like envy, jealously and loneliness all form part of the mental state a person experiences when examining the latest Facebook updates. To be honest, it didn’t really take an intensive study to show that observing the success and social delights of others on a daily basis can lead to mild depression. However we do thank Dr. Kross for backing up the theory with medical evidence.

To be fair, there are some good things to be found on this vicious social media cycle. It connects you to actual friends who might not live in the same country and recently it has become the posting board for various charitable causes. What I don’t understand is how “liking” a photo where starving children eat food off the floor or a helpless animal beaten within an inch of its life can help. It just makes a person more depressed considering the other photos were your friends are having a ton of fun without you.

The initial process for most is to create a profile where they can stay updated with close friends. Unfortunately it doesn’t stay that way. It’s like a snowball effect where competition starts to build and your amount of friends, whether you actually know the people or not, has to be more than everybody else’s. After this amazing feat has been accomplished your wall is spammed with photos of food, haircuts, toenails and a bunch of other useless information from eccentrics who have nothing better to do but post on Facebook.

It is a great cause for concern that people of all ages are sitting in groups without speaking one word because they are too busy on Facebook. The only ability being promoted is that of walking without looking, preparing them for when they go blind. Very few individuals notice how human interaction is fading and the huge disadvantage this presents regarding intellectual growth.

Ultimately people need to go out into the world and get their hands dirty. Facebook is slowly sucking the life from all that is natural. Over the top achievements and exotic photos created in a fantasy land where nothing really matters except to make others jealous and depressed won’t amount to anything. Facebook lets the fake people live out a dream which otherwise will never exist and yet they are encouraged to do so.

Don’t get me wrong, a photo and a comment between close friends is always nice, but where do we draw the line? How do we compete with the false personas? Why do we need 2000 friends when we only know 20? It is the curse of Facebook.