Are gTLD’s Taking Over The World?


The internet has been around for a while now, and the ability of picking a desired domain name has became a great challenge. With millions of websites, it is hard to find a name that is still available. Enter the potential gTLD (otherwise known as generic Top-Level Domain) boom. So what exactly is this exlposion of gTLD’s, and what does this mean for the future of the internet? Let’s take a look.

gTLDWhat Is It

See that “.com” at the top of your webpage? You have probably also seen “.net” and “.org”. All of these endings are gTLD’s, and there are currently 22 of them that are available for use. But over the last six years, there has been a movement to drastically increase this number. By the end of the year, we could see an explosion of different domain name listings, changing how we look at a company’s brand. For example, Google (who has applied for an undisclosed number of listings) could change to Movies.YouTube. Countless other companies, including Demand Media and even Canon Cameras, are now applying to make sure that they gain ownership of these listings. With ownership comes the ability to use the listings for themselves (such as cameras.Canon), or allow other webmasters to pay to use them.

What It Means

So now that you have the general idea of what the gTLD takeover is, you are probably wondering how this will affect the internet. In all honesty, it is probably going to help the little guys a great deal more than the current domain name registration does. With only 22 current listings, and millions upon millions of registered domain names, it is becoming almost impossible for those looking to start up a new site to acquire the domain name they desire. But now there is hope for the little guy! With all of the new gTLD’s coming out, there will be an endless amount of new domain names at your disposal! It will now be possible for everyone to get a domain name they love.

Are gTLD’s taking over the world? I guess you could say yes to that question. Pretty soon, the internet is going to look a whole lot different. “.com”may become a thing of the past, as websites turn their company name into their listing. As it stands, there are currently 1,900 new listings that have been applied for. That being said, not all of them will be approved, yet imagine over one thousand different “.coms”! While this does have its pros, the cons also have to be stated. Confusion is the number one thing that comes to mind. We are accustomed to searching for a website by simply typing in the company name, adding .com, and hitting enter. But once the new listings come, and bring a new facelift to the internet, it is going to be much more difficult to find a website. Sites will no longer be uniform, but will have all sorts of listing that we will have to learn.

gTLD’s are coming. Countless numbers of them. Millions of websites will take advantage of them. You may even take advantage of them. People all across the world will reap the benefits, and claim the perfect domain name. Yes my friends, gTLD’s will soon take over the internet world.