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Meet Key Bank

  • Apply for a personal bank account at Key Bank
  • The customer will be asked to answer a few short questions in order to determine which account fits them
  • First Niagara customers need to enroll before using Key Bank’s online banking

The Meet Key Bank service is an excellent option for those looking to open a savings or checking account online.  Key Bank will ask the consumer a variety of questions in regards to their finances and spending habits in order to best determine which type of account they should open.  Meet Key Bank even comes with a live chat service which will answer any questions the customer has about opening a checking or savings account with Key.  A few example of the questions the customer will be asked when using the Meet Key Bank service include “how do you pay people and bills?”, “What will your anticipated KeyBank monthly balance be? (Please include checking, savings and investments accounts)”, and “Which of these features appeal most to you?: rewards, interest checking, or no ATM fees”.

Based on the answers provided to the above questions Key Bank will then recommend a personal banking account.  Ideally most customers will opt for the Key Privilege Checking or the Key Privilege Select Checking which provides interest on the customers hard-earned money.

All Key Bank accounts come with the following benefits:

  • 24 hour online banking and bill pay which can be accessed from a mobile device or PC
  • Access to more than 1000 ATM’s nation wide
  • A free debit card to make retail purchases

The Key Bank corporate office is based at 127 Public Square, Cleveland, Ohio 44114 and can be reached via phone at 800-KEY2YOU (800-539-2968).  The firm is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under ticker symbol KEY.  Any questions in regards to the Meet Key Bank account finder service can be directed to KeyExpress@KeyBank.com.


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