– BWW Customer Survey


Survey Buffalo Wild Wings

  • Customer can complete the Buffalo Wild Wings Satisfaction Survey online with the survey invitation number from the BWW receipt
  • The BWW store number in question will also be needed
  • The store number will be four digits long and can be located towards the top of the BWW receipt below the words “Buffalo Wild Wings” and the city’s name OR the store number might be found at the bottom of the receipt next to the word “store” at certain locations
  • If your store number only has 3 digits, please enter a leading zero
  • Simply enter 8888 if the Buffalo Wilds Wings store number is not known
  • Any questions about the site can be directed to BWW at 952-593-9943

In the event the customer does not have the invitation number please use the check number instead.  The BWW check number can be located on the receipt just above the table number (it may begin with the letters C-H-K, or the first four digits of the BWW store number).  Please follow these tips when entering the check number in lieu of the Buffalo Wild Wing Survey invitation number:

  1. Counting from the right, enter up to the last 20 digits of your check number below
  2. Leave off any letters
  3. If the BWW check number includes a decimal point or comma, use zero as the decimal point/comma.  (i.e. if 3500,123,456: Enter 350001230456, if 3003.0987.54321: Enter 300300987054321, if Check 123456.2: Enter 12345602)

The survey will also require the user to enter the date and time of visit to Buffalo Wild Wings before any questions are asked.  To express their thanks Buffalo Wild Wings will provide a coupon in return for taking the Survey Buffalo Wild Wings.  The special promotional offer MUST be redeemed at ANY BWW within 14 days and an email address will have to be provided in order to collect the coupon.

Survey Questions Include:

  • “Overall, compared to your expectations of what a restaurant can and should be, how would you rate your experience at Buffalo Wild Wings?”
  • “How do you feel about the value for the money of your total experience at Buffalo Wild Wings?”
  • “How likely are you to visit this Buffalo Wild Wings again?”

The BWW survey will take about 10 minutes to complete and all feedback will be sent to the general manager of the store in question.

Buffalo Wild Wings is a popular bar and grill restaurant hang out for live sports with a wide variety of wings and beer.  The BWW corporate office is based at 5500 Wayzata Blvd #1600, Minneapolis, MN 55416.  Most locations are opened from Mon-Thurs: 11AM to 12AM, Fri-Sat: 11AM to 1AM and Sunday: 11AM to 11PM.