How To Sync Google Calendar With Outlook 2013


Google Calendar is one of the most powerful tools to keep track of your schedule, meetings, and important events. Coupled with Microsoft’s Outlook 2013, these two tools will come in handy for any user trying to better organize his or her time.

google calendar

Unfortunately, Google Calendar Sync was discontinued recently and it has been replaced by Google Apps Sync, which is available only for paying customers. Thankfully, there are other ways to sync Google Calendar with Outlook 2013, completely for free. Here is quick step by step guide:

1. Firstly, log in to your Google account and spot the “Calendar” button on the Google Bar. If you are logged into your Gmail account, you will see that the “Calendar” button no longer exists. Instead, select the Calendar function from the Apps launcher icon.

2. Hover the cursor over the calendar which you want to synchronize and select it. Activate the dropdown menu and select Calendar Settings. This will open the Calendar details page.

3. Click the green ICAL icon next to the Calendar Address if your calendar is public. If your calendar is private click the green ICAL box next to the Calendar’s Private Address.

4. Now copy the URL in your browser and then you can paste it in any software that supports *.ics formats (iCal).

Next, you have to choose from two different methods to complete the sync with Outlook 2013:

Method A:

1. Open Outlook and go to Calendar>Manage Calendars

2. Choose “Open Calendar” and pick “From Internet” from the list. Here you will paste the Google Calendar’s URL and you are ready to go.

Method B:

1. Open Outlook and hit the File tab and click on Account Settings twice.

2. Find the Internet Calendars and click the New… button.

3. In the dialogue box copy the URL from Google’s Calendar and then click Add.

4. Close the Account Settings dialogue.

5. Open the Subscriptions Option dialogue box. Here, type a folder name where you will store the imported calendar. Next, make sure to check the box for Update Limit. Also, check the attachments box if you want to transfer the files and data from the Google Calendar Events. Now your sync is complete and you are good to go.

Finally, you can check your Google Calendar in Outlook 2013 under the Other Calendars tab. Of course, you can choose multiple colors, depending on the user. Also keep in mind that the imported calendar is read-only, as explained by the lock icon. This means that changes made in Outlook 2013 are not synced with the Google Calendar. To send changes back to Google Calendar, you will have to export it.