The Top Rated Free Antivirus Software For 2014


Computer_VirusIf you don’t have antivirus protection for your computer, you are exposing it to a lot of viruses, and virus related software. The most common excuse used by people without virus protection is the pricing; a lot of people feel most antivirus software are overpriced. Instead of protecting their computers from harm, they take their chances without protection because they believe they only visit safe sites, and are not at risk of getting a virus. Unfortunately for them, their computers still gets infected with viruses.

The good news for people who don’t want to pay for antivirus software is that there are a lot of free antivirus software available now, some of which are very good. Here is a list of the top rated free antivirus software for 2014.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus

This has one of the best antivirus technologies available on Windows, it secures all your online transactions, while quietly working to stop all e-threats, it also keeps your social media privacy safe, and can prevent device theft by allowing you to locate and lock any of your connected devices remotely. It also prevents hackers from accessing your personal information by opening your financial transactions in a separate and secure browser. If you are impressed with the free 30 day trial, you can purchase the full version for $39.95

Norton Internet Security 2014

Norton Internet Security is one of the most recognized antivirus brands in the world, and one of the best. The latest version of Norton doesn’t disappoint, it provides protection from identity theft, viruses, online scams, hackers, and malware. This version of Norton can be installed on three computers, which can be used to protect all the computers in your home. It also has parental controls so you can block your kids or from visiting certain websites. After the expiration of the 30 day trial, you can purchase it for $69.99.

AVG AntiVirus 2014

AVG provides a top quality antivirus program for FREE; it provides security for your private files both online and on your PC. The new version is an improvement on last year’s version which was already impressive; it has a file shredder that permanently deletes your confidential files, so you don’t have to worry about hackers getting their hands on your personal information. It also has a smart scanning technology that allows it to perform scans on your computer faster and make sure it doesn’t perform scans and other tasks when your computer is busy. AVG provides free apps to protect your mobile devices and tablets too.

Avast Free Antivirus 2014

This is the best of the free antivirus programs, its layout is very easy to navigate compared to some of the other antivirus software. It not only scans and protects your computer from viruses and malware; it is also a security manager, which means it is always working to protect your computer from viruses by tracking security statistics, and providing pop up notifiers alerting you to security news. It also has a built-in do not track technology, which prevents third-party websites from tracking your online movements for advertisement purposes.

The best thing about Avast is that it is 100 percent free, which means it isn’t a trial version and you don’t have to pay anything.

With these free antivirus software available for everybody to download, there is no excuse to leave your computer unprotected.