Top 5 Fun Apps To Waste Time


Your Smartphone is certainly the tool that makes you more productive and connected, but its can also be the ultimate in procrastination tools… so why don’t you kick your idle time up a notch with these 5 cream of crop in time wasting mobile apps?

candy-crush-saga1. Candy Crush (Android, iOS, Facebook)

If you haven’t heard of Candy crush, it is a Smartphone game that’s so addictive players have abandoned housework, left their kids stranded at school and even sustained injuries while trying to reach new levels in the game. According to the game’s creator, one in 23 Facebook users play the game.

2. HootSuite (Android, iOS)

There is no such thing as socializing too much, especially if you feel that other things can wait till tomorrow. HootSuite is a social media client that lets you manager all your social media account from a single powerful dashboard. You can access you LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram accounts, check in on Foursquare – all from one app. This means that you will have an abundance of social updates to keep you distracted.

3. Tiny wings (iOS)

Angry birds is not the only feathered time wasting app in town. Designed for the iPhone, tiny wings has become one of the most popular time killing apps. If you think you can’t get addicted to flapping your tiny wings, try this game after the train takes off for a long journey.

4. Fatbooth (Android)

This was probably designed by some nut job, out of deep loathing for fat people to satisfy his fantasy — I mean who wouldn’t want to know how they would look when they become fat? I mean half the planet is already fat enough from consuming the MacDonald’s and the KFCs of the world… and now we have an Android app to make us look even fatter. Why was it even designed?

5. SpinArt (iOS)

Want to relive memory of your spin art fun from elementary school? Try this app. You choose a paintbrush, a canvas shape and color swatches to splatter, then spin your drawing. You can then lose yourself for hours in a rainbow of colors, shapes and spiraling.

Have fun!