www.123rewards4me.com – Redeem Earned Rewards Points

123 Rewards 4 Me

  • Redeem reward points online
  • Points can be redeemed some of the newest games or electronics (i.e. flat screen TV)
  • The redemption process is super easy but requires a valid email address

The 123 Rewards 4 Me program will require a first time user to create an account befire they are allowed to redeem their points online (creating an account is super easy and should take less than 60 seconds).  Once an account has been created the user will redeem the card and load their points onto their online account.  Once the points have been loaded unto their 123 Rewards 4 Me account they can start to redeem points for cool stuff.  Those who are already 123 Rewards 4 Me members can simply access their account with their email address and password.

The 123 Rewards 4 Me service is operated by Marketing Strategies Group, Inc.


  1. www.123rewards4me.com