www.aaa.com/joinspecial – AAA New Membership Special

AAA Join Special

  • Allows a visitor to sign up and become a AAA member
  • Provides AAA Membership Options and Benefits information by clicking on the link “help
  • AAA can be reached at 1-800-AAA-Help or 1-800-222-4357

The AAA Join Special requires the user to provide their name, address, phone number, email address, date of birth and AAA policy number (if applicable) upon sign up.  The user will also have the option to receive special correspondence from AAA in the form of email from AAA about news, discounts and account information (this is optional and the member is allowed to opt out by clicking on the “I’m not interested” wording”).

AAA Member Highlights

  • Offers three types of memberships in Premier, Plus and Classic
  • All three offer Free delivery but only the Premier option offers free fuel
  • Passport photo ID’s are free with the Premier and Plus AAA membership options
  • Premier membership offers $300,000 Loss of life or limb when ticket is purchased through AAA
  • One Day Complimentary Rental Car with Tow with the premier AAA membership
  • AAA Plus members are allowed to add RV coverage at an additional cost per household

Most people with basic needs should just select the Classic package which is the less costly and provides standard towing benefits in case the members car breaks down.  People who find themselves driving more than normal and have money to burn can elect the premier membership option as it offers add-on such as a $100 for locksmith service credit if the member is locked out of their home (Any charges in excess of $100 are at the expense of the AAA Premier member).  AAA customer reps will be more than happy to assist the member in find a rental car for the member under all membership plans.

Do members receive Emergency & Medical Assistance benefits?

  • Yes (see below)
  • Emergency Medical Assistance and Transport
  • Consulting and monitoring services
  • AAA will suggest some of the best review legal services in the area for those who are looking to take legal action in relation to an auto accident

AAA (aka Triple A) species in roadside assistance and is based out of Heathrow, Florida.