www.activaterewards.com/movietickets – Movie Certificate Activation


Active Rewards Certificate Activation

Fandango reward members can register their movie certificate online with their:

  • Reward code
  • Name (first and last)
  • Valid email address
  • Internet Connection

It should be noted that the member may be asked for photo ID at the theater box office when presenting the certificate (this will help protect against fraud and member account misuse).  Once the member has entered the code they will receive a confirmation email to the address provided at the time of entry.  This email will include a link to the movie certificate which should be printed at that time.  Please be sure to check both junk and spam email folders of the confirmation reward email does not appear within a few minutes of code entry.

Other Active Rewards Fine Print

  • Certificates can be given to a friend as long as the person whose name is on the certificate(s) is present with the friend at the movie box office
  • All addresses printed on the certificate are tied to the Hollywood Movie Money home office
  • Members can view a movie at any theater listed under that specific promo code
  • The 16-digit certificate number MUST be visible when presenting the promo
  • Check the theater locator site for a list of participating theaters associated with the activate rewards movie tickets promotion

This program is administered by Fandango Loyalty Solutions, LLC and certificates cannot be used to buy tickets online.  It should be noted that the price of a ticket might be more than the value of the certificate (special movies, 3D Movies, etc).  In this case the customer will be responsible for paying the difference between the certificate value and the theater’s admission price.  If the movie cost less than the amount available in the certificate no credit will be provided under the terms of the Hollywood Movie Money promotion.  Any attempt to copy or make a duplicate of the certificate will result in could result in federal prosecution under fraud statutes and permanent removal from the given theatre.