www.alaskaair.com/bagrules – View Alaska Airlines Baggage Fees and Rules

Alaska Air Bag Rules

  • Check out Alaska Airlines baggage policy online to include the bothersome rules and costly fees
  • Alaska Airlines reserves the right to change or modify any of the rules at anytime
  • Customers should ALWAYS check their travel confirmation to determine which airline’s baggage policy applies

The Alaska Air Bag Rules online service requires Internet access and the customer is allowed to print the rules for later viewing.  Please note that travel may be solely on Alaska Airlines but can still be subject to another airline’s bag charges in certain circumstances.  Standard bag fees for online check-in, at a check-in kiosk, or at any of the Alaska Air airport ticket counters are as follows: $25 for one bag, $25 for the second bag, and $75 for each additional bag (as one can see the price really takes off after the second bag).  In some situations (i.e during busy travel times such as Christmas or Thanksgiving) Alaska Air may limited the amount of bags a traveler can bring.  Bags are NOT allowed to weigh in at more than 100 pounds and/or exceed 115″ (linear).  Bags that weight between 51 to 100 pounds or bags with linear dimension of 63-115″ will be charged 75 bucks.

Alaska Air Bag Rules Notes

  • Travelers can check their bag in 4 hours before the flight is set to take off until 1 hour until take off
  • Due to restrictions for US Customs pre-clearance, Vancouver (YVR) can only accept bags three hours prior to departure
  • Calgary can only accept bag 2 hours prior to take off
  • When measuring a bag for dimensions please measure the distance from the floor to the highest point on the top of the bag

Any questions in regards to the Alaska Air Bag rules can be directed to a Alaska Air Cargo customer agent at 1-800-225-2752.  Travelers can also dial the award-winning Alaska Airlines Reservations service desk at 1-800-252-7522 to help determine which airline rules and fees apply to their trip.


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