www.apply.rushcard.com/start – Prepaid Visa Rush Card Online Application

Apply Rush Card

  • Apply for the Visa prepaid Rush card online
  • The application will take less than 5 minutes to complete and a credit pull is not required
  • Applicants can agree to receive promotional offers and news from the Rush Card

The Apply Rush Card application is  is issued by MetaBank who is Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc..  In order to apply the applicant will have to provide their name, address, phone number(s), and date of birth (applicants also will have the chance to enter a Rush card promotional code if they have one… only one code is allowed per application and if a code appears in the space there is no need to change it).  Applicants are allowed to pick between two plans when picking a Rush card; 1. flat monthly fee with unlimited purchases or 2. pay as they go.  Please note the Rush card unlimited plan will charge the card holder a $7.95 monthly fee or a $5.95 monthly fee is the card holder agrees to pay the fee via direct deposit.  Those who choose the Rush card pay as you go option will be charged one dollar per purchase up to $10 per month).  Any questions in regards to the Apply Rush Card application can be directed to a customer service agent at  1-866-787-4227.  Those who are approved for the Rush card and want to receive a paper statement in the mail will be charged a fee of $1.00 dollar.  Those who do not mind this costly fee can request a paper statement via mail by faxing 1-866-931-7874 or emailing agent@rushcard.com.

Rush Card Notes

  • Rush cards will be delivered via US mail
  • Upon receipt of a RushCard the card holder will be required to set a PIN number (NEVER share this number with anyone… not even a spouse)
  • Load fees will be $3.95 or $9.95 depending on the card type/design
  • Money can be loaded to a rush card via cash or checks via approved methods or direct deposit with a bank account that is in good standing

The Rush Card can be reached bu US Mail by writing to: UniRush PO Box 42482 Cincinnati, OH 45242.  The Rush card can be found on all major social medial outlets to include Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


  1. www.apply.rushcard.com/start