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Asurion Walmart Care Plans

  • The Asurion’s solution hub website provides a Walmart customer with product support for most electronic products purchased at Walmart that are eligible for the Walmart Product Protection Plan
  • To take advantage of any of these online services a customer must create an account
  • For tech support associated with the site or services please speak with a Customer Care Representative at 888-524-6690

Customers can keep track of authorized plans, file a claim, and get product support using the Asurion Walmart site.  The service covers replacement plans and service plans.  Mobile care plans are not available through the Asurion Walmart product website.  All plans can be transferred to a new customer.  To transfer a plane please call the toll-free number found on the terms and conditions of the product or request a plan transfer by writing to: P.O. Box 1818, Sterling VA 20167.  When transferring a plan the customer will need the copy of the receipt, plan number, and the new owner’s name, complete address and telephone number.  It should be noted that video games, DVD and CD plans are not eligible for transfer.

ALL mobile care plus plans should see the following:

Other Asurion Walmart Product Care Plans items of note

  • For a lost Walmart receipt please call 888-524-6690
  • The purchase transaction number can be located on the customers receipt just below the stores telephone number
  • If a Walmart product is claimed for repairs more than three times the product will be replaced with a product similar in nature
  • In the event the product is too large to send in by mail a special service team will be sent to the customers house

Asurion’s is a mobile service technology firm that specializes in the repair of high-tech devices.  The firm’s motto is “We replace. We fix. We find. We solve. We keep you in the game.Asurion. Life’s Operating System”.  Asurion cis based at 648 Grassmere Park Nashville, TN 37211 and employs over 15,000 people across the United States.

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