www.biglots.com/feedback – Big Lots Customer Feedback


Big Lots Customer Service Survey

The Big Lots survey feedback is open to all customers who made a purchase at a Big Lots store.  The survey will help improve on the quality of service at the store and provide the customer an outlet to complain or give praise.  To take the survey the customer will need the following from the Big Lots receipt:

  1. Big Lots Store Number
  2. Transaction Number
  3. Register Number

All of the above information can be found on the receipt.  The store receipt number can be found towards the top of the receipt and will be 5 digits long.  Both the transaction and register number will be towards the middle of the receipt and will be on top of each other.  The transaction # will be 4 digits long and the register # will be 3 digits long.

Questions that will be asked on the site

  • I was greeted when I entered the store – Yes, No, Not Sure
  • Were Employees were friendly and helpful
  • It was easy to find help in the store when I needed it
  • The cashier asked to scan my Buzz Club Rewards card at checkout

All answers provided by Big Lots customers will be confidential and will only be used to improve customer service.  The Big Lots Feedback site is operated by Survey Monkey.