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Burger King BOGO Class Action Lawsuit

  • Learn more about the class action lawsuit against Burger King (home to the Whooper) entitled Anderson v. Burger King Corp.
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  • Class members who file valid claims could receive $5 cash or a $2 off Burger King coupon

The Burger King BOGO class action lawsuit revolves around claims that Burger King Corp. charged more for two Croisssan’wich sandwiches bought using a Buy One Get One coupon than the customer would have paid for a single sandwich.  Class members state Burger King violated consumer protection laws in the states of Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia.  Burger King denies any actions of wrong doing but have agreed to settle in order to avoid a long drawn out trial.

www.BKCBOGOSettlement.com Notes

  • All claim forms are due by 1/19/18
  • Class members who are not happy with the terms of the settlement can be directed to 4/3/2018
  • Class members do not need to hire a lawyer as they have already been assigned attorneys by the court

Any questions in regards to the lawsuit can be directed to Burger King Corporation Injunctive Relief Settlement, c/o KCC Claims Administrator, P.O. Box 404000, Louisville, KY 40233-4000 or dial toll free 1-877-468-0436.

All class members who file timely claims will be represented by Stuart A. Davidson, Christopher C. Gold, Roxana Pierce, Steven D. Silverman, and William N. Sinclair.

Burger King has hired Jeffrey Jacobson, Lauri Mazzuchetti, Joseph Wilson, and Mindy Pava from the law firm of KELLEY DRYE & WARREN LLP.


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