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Caxton FX Card

  • Provides information about currency cards for small to medium size businesses
  • Operated by Caxton FX Limited
  • Methods of contact in regards to the Caxton FX Card website: Tel: 0845 222 2639, Outside UK: +44 (0) 20 7201 0526, Fax: 0845 052 9354 or by Email: info@caxtonfxcard.com

When contacting Caxton FX by phone please attempt during the time frames of Monday – Friday, 08:00hrs – 19:00hrs and Saturday – Sunday 09:00hrs – 17:00hrs.  For those looking to apply for a Caxton FX Card simply click on the ‘Apply Now’ button and complete the application form. If approved the card can be used for free at places like hotels, restaurants and other outlets worldwide.

How to load the Caxton FX Card?

  1. Customers can load their card online at anytime with Internet access
  2. By dialing 0845 222 2639 (within the UK) or +44 20 7201 0526 (outside the UK) and have a Caxton customer service agent load the card
  3. By text at +44 753 740 2025 (When loading via text please send a text message in the following format: (Text the word LOAD then enter the Last 4 digits of the Caxton FX card number in question then the desired amount to be loaded)
  4. By using the Caxton FX loan app

When loading a Caxton FX Card via app a customer must have a smart phone with working Internet service.  Caxton will never charge a fee when making a withdraw overseas from a ATM but the owners of the ATM might.

Other Notes

  • It is recommended users do not use the Caxton FX Card at European toll roads and bridges
  • A deposit of £10 will be required when applying for the card, this amount will be credited to the customer’s card when activated
  • Once a Caxton application has been approved an applicant can expect to receive the card in about 4 business days
  • Have questions about the card?  customersupport@caxtonfx.com
  • The card can be used wherever a Visa logo is presented
  • Offers a helpful ATM Locator
  • Customers are limited to 2 withdrawals in a 24 hour period and up to 5 over 4 days time
  • Loading and reloading the Caxton card is ALWAYS free regardless of the load method

This prepaid card program is administered by Caxton FX Ltd which is located at the Portland House, Bressenden Place, London SW1E 5BH.