www.citizensone.com/creditcard – Activate or Register Citizens One MasterCard

Citizens One Credit Card

  • Consumers can obtain more information in regards to the Citizens One MasterCard
  • Card members can register the card, activate the card, or redeem reward point asscoiated with the Citizens One MasterCard
  • The Citizens One MasterCard promises to provide the card holder with exceptional privileges, award winning customer service support and advanced security

CitizensOne.com/CreditCard is operated by Citizens Financial Group, Inc..  Those who are looking to activate a Citizens One MastserCard online will need to sign in to the Citizens One Credit Card online service.  This service is secure and allows a card holder to pay a bill, review account summaries, and sign up for account alerts (a must for people who lose sleep at night dreading a bill pay due date error).  Those who need to register a card will have to provide their name, Citizens One MasterCard account number, phone number in which they can be reached during the day, and email address.  Registration will only take a few minutes to complete and can be accomplished from any PC or smartphone.

www.CitizensOne.com/CreditCard Notes

  • The Citizens One Platinum MasterCard does NOT come with a costly annual fee making it ideal for penny pinchers
  • Can be used anywhere in the US where the MasterCard logo is present
  • Must be 18 years of age or older and a legal resident of the US in order to be approved
  • Requires a good credit score at minimum
  • This is a credit score so failure to make on time payment may damage a credit score (those with credit problems may want to look into a debit card instead of a credit card)
  • Purchases made with the Extended Warranty Coverage which doubles the protection on most manufacturers’ warranties up to one year and is a must for people who are paranoid about things breaking
  • Comes with a standard $0 liability on unauthorized purchases offer


  1. www.citizensone.com/creditcard