www.confirmmyprize.com – Enter Code to Claim Prize

Prize Confirmation

  • Claim a prize online
  • Requires internet connection, prize code, and the zip code in which the winner lives
  • Claiming a prize should take less than 30 seconds

ConfirmMyPrize.com is operated by DealerApp.com

It is unclear what type of prize the winner is claiming as the site does not provide a FAQ or even a contact number.  In the event the winner inputs the incorrect prize code they will be greeted with the following message “Invalid code or this offer has expired, please try again. If the offer has expired, please contact the dealer directly.”

Those who receive the above message will want to input the prize code again.  If the code still does not work they should send an email to the Prize Confirmation customer service team in which the prize was forwarded.


  1. www.confirmmyprize.com