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Dollar General Careers

DG Careers offers a wide range of information in regards to a career at this popular dollar company.  The main intent of the site is to allow user to apply for a position at their local Dollar General.  Although the site is built for new employees, current Dollar General employees can also use the career service to apply for a new position.  Please use the store locator to determine which store is closest to the home of the potential employee.  The most recommended way to find a desired position is using the keyword search tool at the DG Career site.  The keyword search tool will allow a user to search by:

  • Store Number
  • Store Address
  • Any other keywords that might apply to the position
  • A proximity search can also be performed using the zip code of the Dollar General store in which employment is desired

A detailed step by step insruction list is available to view when applying for Dollar General position.  It should be noted that all applicants are required to apply online, Dollar General stores will not take walk in applications.  Unfortunately DG career applications cannot be applied using a smart phone at this time.

Other DG Career Information

  • All applications expire after 45 days at DGCareers
  • Email confirmation will be provided once an application has been received by the DG store
  • Store Operations, Distribution Center management and Store Support Center positions resumes can be updated online
  • If an applicant wants to apply at more than one Dollar General store multiple applications are required
  • Due to the mass amount of applications received Dollar General will not send out denial emails, if qualified the applicant will receive notification and a job offer

The most common application is a in store position.  Store careers include sales associate, sales operations, store manager, district manager and regional director.  It should be noted a higher degree of education is usually needed to obtain the district manager and regional director positions at Dollar General.

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