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Direct Payment Plan

  • Allows a user to enroll on the Direct Payment Plan service in a few simple steps
  • To cancel the service the customer is responsible for contacting the biller directly (please see the customer service phone number attached to the bill in question)
  • The Direct Payment Plan service is not available in every state and please use their feedback form to ask any question in regards to the service

Once the user has set up an account with the Direct Payment service the biller will automatically withdraw the amount due from the users bank account on file.  Customers will be notified when the service takes effect and at that time all future bills will be paid automatically.  For customers who already have an account and are looking to update their bank account on record please submit a new sign up and then allow 4 to 6 weeks for the change to take effect (DO NOT close out the old Direct Payment billing bank account until the new account is confirmed).

Other Direct Payment Plan Notes

  • Customer details are sent to the biller and are not saved on the site
  • Users will continue to receive future bills through the mail or by what ever means the customer is currently billed
  • Customers are not able to cancel the Direct Payment through the Direct Payment site and MUST make contact with their biller
  • Billers should send the customer a copy of the bil in question 10 days before it is due and indicate when the amount will be paid
  • Have a questions about a bill?  Please see the BILLER CONTACT LIST

Please note that the billers do not charge customers an additional amount for this online service.  Please check the customers monthly account statement to verify all bills have been paid.

Popular Billers Utilizing the Service:

  1. Southwestern Electric Power Co.
  2. Indiana Michigan Power (AEP)
  3. Peoples Gas LLC (formerly Equitable Gas)
  4. Columbia Gas of Maryland
  5. Jersey Central Power & Light (JCP&L)

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