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Discover Loans

  • Apply for a personal loan and finance that dream vacation to Hawaii
  • Discover.com/Personal-Loans is managed by Discover Bank who is proud member FDIC
  • Personal Loans from Discover come with No Orgination Fees

In order to apply for a personal loan the applicant will be asked to provide how much they would like (i.e. loan amount) and then select what the loan will be used for (i.e. credit refinance, auto repair, dream vacation, taxes, wedding, medical expenses).  Those who are responding to a personal invitation letter from Discover can simply provide the invitation number in order to begin.

Please note personal loans from the Discover Bank often require a good credit score and a strong financial history (i.e. high annual income and a record of paying off debts on time).

www.Discover.com/Personal-Loans Notes

  • A must for consumers who need access to cash
  • Discover offers fixed rate and fixed term loans that are ideal for eliminating higher-interest debt that could help the consumer save hundreds if not thousands of dollars
  • Once the rate has been locked in it will never change
  • Offers a high end personal loan calculator designed to assist the applicant in determining how much money they need to borrow and the length of the loan
  • Once the rate has been provided the applicant can apply online or over the phone with a Discover customer care agent
  • Applicants who are lucky enough to be approved will receive the loan payment via check or can have it sent to their checking account
  • Interest rates associated with a Discover Bank loan will be based on variety of factors to include the applicants credit history, application information, and the length of the loan

Any questions in regards to a personal loan from Discover Bank can be durected to a US based loan specialist at 1-866-248-1255 Monday-Friday, 8am-11pm ET or Saturday-Sunday, 9am-6pm ET.


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