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Drive 4 Marten

  • Truck drivers can apply for a job at Marten Transport
  • Immediate positions are open for those living in Chicago, IL, Milwaukee, WI, Madison, WI and Green Bay, WI
  • The site is administered by Marten and any questions can be directed to 800-395-3331

To apply for a driving position at Marten applicants will have to complete an online application for employment and will have to pass a drug test.  Please be sure to complete the online application in full as a incomplete information will result in a delay and show the inability to follow simple instructions.  Marten is a Equal Employment Opportunity Employer and the online application will be held for three months once submitted (in other words don’t bother submitting another application until 3 months has passed).

Information needed when filing out the Drive 4 Marten online job application:

  1. Applicants home address history for the past 3 years and SSN
  2. Current driver license number and driver license history for the past 3 years
  3. Past 10 year history of employment complete with names and contact numbers
  4. Traffic accidents and criminal history list to include DUI or reckless driving conviction and license suspension
  5. Veteran status if applicable

All applicants are required to be a minimum of 22 years of age and pass a driving test on top of the already mentioned drug test.  Marten Transport Ltd. graciously covers all associated costs with these test (at this time 5 hour energy is not considered a drug).

Marten Transport, Ltd.

  • Based out of Mondovi, Wisconsin
  • Over the road truck driving company that provides time and temperature sensitive transportation services to their customers
  • Attempts to hire only the best of the best exceptional professionals
  • Utilizes HireRight for driver employment and Contractor verification

Marten Transport Ltd was founded by over the road truck driver Roger Marten with a $400 loan from his mommy.  What started as a little diary delivery company soon expanded into a state of the art satellite tracking system fleet to improve efficiency and communications with drivers.