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ePay Wyoming Citation

  • Pay a bothersome traffic citation in the state of Wyoming online
  • ePay.Courts.State.wy.us is operated by the State of Wyoming and is funded with tax payer dollars
  • Requires internet connection and is designed for residents of the state only

In order to pay a citation online the user must provide their name, date of birth, case number, citation number, or their driver license number (when entering the driver license number only include the numbers and not the state).

Please note those who have received a notice of suspension from the Department of Motor Vehicles should note that online payments will not prevent suspension of their license if the payment has not been posted to the court before the suspension date.  Once the payment has been made the Department of Motor Vehicles may assess points on the users driving record as the payment is considered a conviction.

www.ePay.Courts.State.wy.us Notes

  • If the traffic citation indicates that the resident “Must Appear” in court the ticket cannot paid online
  • When making a payment via the ePay Wyoming Citation service the use will be charged a nasty $5 convience fee
  • Please allow between 2 to 5 business days for the payment to process
  • Not all of the law enforcement agencies in the state of Wyoming use the ePay service
  • Tickets associated with a warrant can be paid online but the warrant will not be lifted until the payment has processed
  • Case numbers will look similar to CT-0000-0000123
  • Citation numbers in the state of Wyoming will look similar to WHP123456AA or 123456789AA

Those who’s license has already been suspended will need to provide a current address so that a compliance letter can be sent to their address on file with The Department of Motor Vehicles (this compliance is required in order to reinstate a driver’s license).


  1. www.epay.courts.state.wy.us