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Exxon Mobil Card

  • Obtain more information about a variety of credit cards offered by Exxon Mobil
  • Provides details about the ExxonMobil Credit Cards AND the ExxonMobil Commercial Cards
  • A registered account holder can also access online Exxon Mobil card account features such as bill pay and account statements

Saving a certain amount of money on gasoline purchases are the main benefit of the Exxon Mobil line of credit cards.  To determine the rewards amount Exxon will take the amount of the credit and multiply the number of gallons purchased by six cents ($.06) and round to the nearest cent.  Exxon Mobile Card accounts must be in good standing and open/activate at all times to earn rebate and unfortunately there is a Maximum rebate of $42 per billing cycle.

Who to contact with questions?

  • ExxonMobil Smart Card and ExxonMobil Preferred Smart Card holders should dial 1.800.344.4355
  • ExxonMobil MasterCard: 1.800.554.6914
  • ExxonMobil Fleet Cards: 1.800.627.3427
  • ExxonMobil Business Card: 1.800.903.9966

All cards feature 24/7 live Mobile card customer support BUT the help may be outsourced to a foreign country.  It should be noted that the ExxonMobil Fleet Card is issued by Wright Express and this card is not administered by Citibank, N.A..

Mobil Card Facts

  • Save 6¢/gallon on a purchase of 45 gallons of Exxon or Mobil branded fuel
  • No annual fee (Mobil Business card only)
  • 24/7 customer support with flexible payment options
  • All savings with be applied as a credit tpo the customer monthly bill
  • All Mobile credit card online applications will be reviewed within 30 days and in many cases sooner
  • Cards will be sent within 7 days upon application approval
  • Total annual credit will not exceed $72.00 (yes the rewards program is capped)

Please note that Credit limit will vary per applicant and will be based upon income, credit score and other financial factors.  Due to the $72 reward cap these credit cards are not recommended to most consumers.