www.fleetcarddirect.com – Mr Gas Fleet Card Direct


Fleet Card Direct

  • Allows a user to apply for the Mr. Gas Fleet Card that can be used to earn rewards at any Mr. Gas location
  • Have questions about the Fleet Card? Call 1-855-850-7284
  • Members will receive 2¢ off per litre when used at any Mr. Gas location

The Fleet Card Direct site is administered by WEX Inc and members can use the card at any of the 25 Mr. Gas locations throughout Eastern and Northern Ontario to include the cold Western province of Quebec.

Fleet Card Monthly Litres Cents per Litres Savings

  • 500 to 1,999 = 1¢
  • 2000 to 3,999 = 1.5¢
  • 4,000 + = 2.0¢

The Fleet Card also provides improved security by using state of the art technology that prevents unauthorized fueling as reports are automatically flagged to ID trouble areas.

Mr. Gas

  • Family operated convenience store
  • Very generous in giving back to the local community every year
  • Lives by the motto that customer service has no limits

Mr. Gas is based out of Burley, ID and is committed to enriching the lives of people in the community in which they live and work.