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FTE Tolls

  • The FTE Tolls service lets people pay a Florida Turnpike citation quickly and easily online with any major credit card or debit card
  • In accordance with law, the legal registered owner of a vehicle is responsible for any tolls and fees earned, even if someone else was driving that vehicle at the time, meaning the owner of the car is responsible 100% of the time
  • To pay a Florida Turnpike citation online, users will need to have the client code and the online payment number that is printed on the notice the driver received in the mail.

The law firm of Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson was hired to manage Florida Turnpike Enterprise online payments for unpaid toll violations. To make a Florida Turnpike unpaid toll citation online payment with a credit or debit card online, customers just need to click the “Make A Payment Now” button. For people who have already made a payment on their citation but still received a notice in the mail, they can submit a copy of the check they wrote for their FTE violation or a copy of the receipt where it was paid online, and Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson will remove that citation from the record. Any questions in regards to the FTE Tolls service can be directed to a customer service agent at 877.258.5261.

What happens to a Florida Turnpike Toll Violation if the Car Has Been Sold?

When someone sells a vehicle, it is up to the old owner to give back their license plate, so if someone doesn’t do this and the new owner earns a toll violation, it’s up to the old owner of the vehicle to pay the tolls. If a license plate has been stolen, the owner is responsible for alerting the police. A police report can be submitted for a Florida toll violation to be waived.


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