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Get Card Balance

  • Vanilla MasterCard account holders can check their current balance and view recent transactions online
  • Requires the card number, expiration date and CVS number
  • Get My Card Balance can be reached at 1 (800) 307-7309 or 1.800.680.5938

All Vanilla MasterCard Gift Cards are issued by The Bancorp Bank and serviced by either ITC Financial Licenses, Inc. or IH Financial Licenses, Inc depending on the location of the customer.  The Vanilla MasterCard is not a credit card and cannot be exchanged for cash.

Other Notes

  • Once funds have been loaded onto the Vanilla MasterCard they will never expire
  • Unfortunately the Card may not be used outside of the U.S. or the District of Columbia including Internet and mail or telephone order merchants outside of the U.S. or the District of Columbia
  • Get Card Balance is a free service to all customers
  • The Vanilla MasterCard Gift Card is offered exclusively by InComm
  • The Vanilla MasterCard Gift Card has no value until it is activated by the cashier/customer service agent at the time of purchase; and signed by the account holder on the back of the Card

The card can be used to purchase items anywhere MasterCard debit is accepted.  Some purchases may require the customer to enter their unique Vanilla debit pin number or press the credit tab on the keypad.  Please use cash, check or other credit or debit card when attempting to purchase an item that cost more than the balance on the customers Vanilla gift card.  Please note that places such as restaurants or bars may require a preauthorization until the merchant finalizes the transaction.

Any fees associated with the Vanilla MasterCard?

  • A service fee of $2.50 per month will be applied to any remain balance at the end of the month
  • $5.95 fee for replacing a card

At this time Vanilla card balances cannot be shared or transferred with family members or friends.