www.getyourcode.com – Retrieve Activation Code

Get Your Code

  • Input the DiSa Number in order to retrieve the activation code associated with GetYourCode.com
  • Obtaining the code should take 30 seconds or less to complete
  • Not having the code is usually due to the foolish mistake of loosing the sales receipt

GetYourCode.com is available in English or Spanish and users do not need a password in order to secure the code.  All the user has to do in order to get the code is enter the DiSa number (please note the DiSa Number can be found on the UPC or the DiSa Number can be found on the back of the unit in question.

www.GetYourCode.com Notes

  • A must for someone who was stupid enough to lose the receipt
  • The DiSa number will be 7 digits long and consist of all numbers (i.e. 1234567)
  • Those who do not have the DiSa number will not be able to get the code


  1. www.getyourcode.com