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Go Bath Fitter

  • Obtain more information about the Bath Fitter product
  • Potential customers can call to obtain a free in home consultation or submit a short form online
  • Those who submit a form online should receive a phone call sometime in the next 24 to 48 hours from Bath Fitter

The Go Bath Fitter service also provides a live what where customers can ask a variety of questions related to the Bath Fitters installation process.  In order to book a in home consultation the customer will have to provide their name, address, zip code, and phone number.  Those who like speaking to a real live person can call the Go Bath Fitter toll-free number at 888-239-9910 and speak with a live agent anytime during the week Monday thru Friday.  All bath fitter products come with seamless walls (which prevents water from seeping down into the bathroom walls), a wide range of styles (available for both baths and showers), and a lifetime warranty that will protect the customer in case anything ever goes wrong with their bath fitter product.  The bath will be installed in ONE day by a team of factory trained and certified installation technicians.  The process includes zero demolition and the customers new tub or shower will be made to measure in the Bath Fitters state of the art manufacturing facility (existing surfaces will be cleaned and repaired where necessary before installation).  Go Bath Fitter has been seen on Fox, NBC, ABC, and the CW Network.

Is Bath Fitter on Social Media? Yes!

The Bath Fitter company was founded by bathroom guru Andrew Snyder back in 1984.  Bath Fitters use a custom acrylic liner to put over the existing tub.


  1. www.gobathfitter.com