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Green Employee Portal Description

  • Requires the employees company code, company name, or company phone number in order to access the site
  • The site is operated and created by Greenshades Software
  • Available as an App at the Apple and Google Play store

The Green Employee portal allows a user to view their employee pay history, upload expense receipts, HR documents, clock in and out of employee timesheet, and request time off.  It should be noted that the previous mention activities are based on what the companies Green Employee administrator has allowed.  Not all employees will have full access.  Any questions regarding what can and cannot be accessed at the Green Employee portal should be directed to the employees HR Payroll administrator.

The most common use of the Green Employee App is to view a pay stub.  To view a pay stub please follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Green Employee portal
  2. Provide the users Green Employee sign in credentials
  3. Click the login icon
  4. Upon sign in the employee will instantly with their most recent pay stub
  5. If previous pay stubs are available, click the drop down menu with the pay date listed, select the desired date, and click your selection to view that pay stub

*HINT:  If the employee is not sure what their company code is please check the Green Employee website under the Edit Account section.  The code will be listed under the My Account tab.

Green Employee reviews from around the Web

  • Google Play users rate 3.7 out of 5 stars
  • Apple App Store users rate 2 out of 5

Doesn’t work I can get online at work and my information gets need in the app does not do so keeps saying invalid I’d and password which it is not please fix thanks”

“App works great. I love being able to submit time off requests from my phone”

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  • Operated by: Greenshades Software 
  • Designed for: Employees and Employers