www.joingotomeeting.com – Enter 9 Digit Meeting ID

Join Go To Meeting

  • Connect to an online meeting
  • Requires a meeting ID in order to access the online meeting
  • The 9 digit meeting ID will be provided by the meeting Organize (not GoToMeeting)


JoinGoToMeeting.com is operated by LogMeIn, Inc.  Once the user has joined the meeting they will want to make place their volume is working as this is the most common problem when joining a meeting.  Meeting users can control their audio feed using the Audio button which can be found at the top of the Control Panel or Grab Tab, which will glow green when the meeting user is un-muted and meaning others can hear them.  GoToMeeting users can also use their Computer and Phone audio if needed by opening the Audio pane in the Control Panel area.

www.JoinGoToMeeting.com Notes

  • Offers a 14 day free trial for new users
  • Those who need to share their screen with another meeting user can access the Start sharing my drop-down menu to share a different monitor or even a specific application
  • Meeting can be performed with or without a web cam
  • Works with Windows or Mac Computer, Chrome browser to join online, or even iOS, Android or Windows Phone device! 🙂
  • Users can join from almost any computer even if not compatible with the desktop app in question
  • GoToMeeting offers a virtual whiteboard for smart phone users

Any questions in regards to www.JoinGoToMeeting.com can be directed to 888-646-0014 between the hours of 8 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday.

Pro Tip: GoToMeeting.com users looking to perform other activities while the meeting is going on (i.e. playing video poker) can collapse the full Control Panel into a small Grab Tab that will automatically “cling” to the sides of the screen (this is ideal for boring meetings that do not require the user to speak or pay attention)


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  2. support.logmeininc.com