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Kohl’s Activate Charge Card

  • Allows an individual to register their Kohl’s Charge card account online or a returning member can sign and gain account access
  • The site is also designed for Kohls.com shopping account customers
  • Dial (855) 564-5705 for any questions in regards to the Kohl’s activation service

When registering for a Kohl’s account online the user will need their 12-digit credit card number and a valid email address in order to receive alerts and promotions from Kohl’s.  Both the card and the site are operated by Kohl’s Illinois, Inc.  When making a payment on a Kohl’s charge card the following options are available at this time:

  1. Debit card payments (please note then paying after 5pm using a debit card the payment will not be posted until the following day)
  2. Credit cards ARE NOT accepted at this time
  3. By mail by writing to Kohl’s Payment Center P.O. Box 2983 Milwaukee, WI 53201-2983 (all checks should be made payable to Kohl’s Payment Center
  4. At any Kohl’s store by using a check, cash or money order
  5. Kohl’s Free online bill pay services

The Kohl’s charge card does allow a member to apply for a credit increase online by accessing the My Kohl’s Charge message center and providing the members annual gross income as well as the requested amount of the credit limit increase.

Benefits of the Kohl’s Activate Charge Card services include Free online payments, Access to statement and transaction history, Account maintenance and the ability to Go Paperless and avoid receiving those annoying monthly mailings.  Other lesser known benefits of the service include:

  • Order replacement cards
  • Email Kohl’s Customer Service regarding account-specific questions
  • Change payment due dates
  • Sign up for Kohls.com Sale Alerts

Kohl’s is a mid level US-based department store chain founded in 1962.  The company is headquartered in a charming little place called Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin just outside Milwaukee.