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Kroger Prescriptions

  • Register or login to a My Prescriptions account
  • Kroger.com/MyPrescriptions is managed by The Kroger Co.
  • A must for consumers who receive their prescription drugs via the Kroger Pharmacy

In order to register for the My Prescriptions service the user must provide their zip code (or city and state), email address, first and last name OR those who already have a Plus Card or Alt ID can register with the numbers associated with these accounts.  Please note when adding a Plus Card number or Alt ID to the MyPrescriptions account the user can access hundreds of digital coupons, track online savings, check fuel points, and much more.

Those who sign up for Kroger MyPrescriptions service will allow The Kroger Co. to have access to their purchase history and browsing behavior on The Kroger Co. websites and mobile apps and may share my information to help make advertising and offers the user already see on other websites, mobile apps and digital channels more relevant to.

www.Kroger.com/MyPrescriptions Benefits

  • Allows customers to refill prescriptions from the comfort of their home office
  • Update personal and notifications
  • Manage the entire family’s prescriptions (including dogs and cats)
  • View and print detailed prescription information, prescription history and expense reports
  • Available for the App Store and Google Play

Those that already have a MyPrescription account can simply login with the email address that was created at the time of registration and their password.  Those who forgot their password will have to go through a short recover process in which they will have to provide their email address in order to recover their password.

Any questions in regards to the Kroger Company My Prescription service can be directed to 1-855-489-2502.  Any general questions about the Kroger Co. can be directed to 1-800-KRO-GERS (1-800-576-4377) Monday to Friday 8:00 AM to midnight EST or Saturday and Sunday, 8:00 AM to 9:30 PM EST.


  1. www.kroger.com/myprescriptions