www.myfamilymobile.com/billing – Family Mobile Customer Billing Support


My Family Mobile Billing

Allows a customer to pay a T-Mobile bill online among other customer service related issues.  The site is operated by T-Mobile.  A  customer will need their T-Mobile family phone number and password in order to login.  ALL NEW CUSTOMERS will have to sign up for the online service by providing their:

  • phone number
  • name and address
  • other account information

A customer will need a valid email address to sign up for the My Family Mobile billing service as they will receive account alerts and information by email.  Please note that most Family Mobile plans ar postpaid service, which means the customer will be billed after the service has been used instead of up front.

Other Misc MyFamily Mobile Info

  • The customers first bill will arrive two to three weeks after service has started
  • Customers will receive text alerts in regards to payment due date and total amount of the bill
  • The bill will show rate plan, any paid features, and applicable taxes and fees
  • view and print your bill from myfamilymobile to help reduce paper consumption and waster
  • After the bill has been paid the customer will receive a confirmation text alert a week later

It should be noted that a customer CANNOT cancel a plan or service through the My Family Mobile Billing website.  The customer is required to call customer service in the event of a plan cancellation.

Other Tips

  • To check current data usage at any time from your phone type #BAL# (#225#) and then press Send
  • Family Mobile does not and will not send printed bills via mail
  • See the section for Billing preferences UNDER the My Family Mobile account page to set up text alerts

Family Mobile packages start at $24.88/mo with additional lines costing $19.88/mo.  Families are allowed to have up to 5 additional lines.  These services include both unlimited talk and text.