www.myinsuranceinfo.com – Update Auto Insurance Information


My Insurance Information

  • Financial institutions require their customers to update their auto insurance information online using the My Insurance website
  • Customers will need their insurance documentation and the notification from their accredited financial institution when completing the verification process
  • The My Insurance website is managed by Allied Solutions, LLC.

From time to time banks and credit unions need to verify account holders auto insurance policies.  My Insurance Info is a fast and reliable way to extract this information from their customers.  Customers will receive a notification letter from their given bank or financial institution instructing them to go online with the Reference ID or control number found on the letter.

Further Details

  • Dial the insurance service center phone number at 1-800-523-6404 with any questions about the site and verification process
  • Documents related to the My Insurance Info site can be faxed to 1-800-881-8678
  • Confirmation of receipt can be confirmed by going back to the home page a few hours after the customer has provided the information and entering the reference ID again
  • All submissions can be expected to process in 24 to 48 hours
  • A copy of the customers insurance can be provided in PDF or .TIFF format by email the document to docsend@fmq.alliedsolutions.net
  • Attaching a copy of the declaration page is not required but may prevent delays in the future if or when the document is needed
  • If the insurance policy does not meet the requirements of the financial loan the customer will be notified by letter or online
  • If the policy does meet the qualifications notification will cease

When confirming auto insurance receipt there will be a message displayed across the top in green indicating no further action is necessary.

  • Domain: www.myinsuranceinfo.com
  • Operated by: Allied Solutions
  • Designed for: Customers who need to verify auto insurance for the purposes of a loan