www.mylife.jhrps.com – Access John Hancock Retirement Plan Services


  • Any customer who has a JH retirement account can manage their John Hancock Retirement account online with MyLife JHRPS
  • Retirement plans from John Hancock are not FDIC insured, which means they may increase or decrease in value over time according to market trends and according to where their investments are made
  • Customers who have forgotten their John Hancock retirement login information can retrieve it by entering their birthdate and their SSN number

The My Life John Hancock Retirement Plan Services page lets people who have a JH retirement account log on to see what their retirement looks like. John Hancock My Life Now gives users a look at where their retirement account stands currently, and gives them the option to make changes to their account, like where their funds are invested and when they plan to retire. Customers can also request a withdrawal from their John Hancock retirement account through this link, and speak with a retirement professional about choices they should make. To set up a new John Hancock Retirement online account, customers will need to enter their whole Social Security number and their birth date to verify their identity, and they set up their John Hancock online profile. Any content on the John Hancock Retirement online service is intended for general information purposes only, and is determined to be accurate at the date it’s posted. John Hancock provides only retirement, and not tax, legal, or other investment advice.

More to Know About John Hancock Retirement Services

John Hancock Retirement Plan Services is a company that offers retirement plan administration for their participants. Any retirement options in a user’s account have not actually been individually selected by John Hancock. The John Hancock Financial planning company has been around since 1862.  Any questions in regards to the My Life JHRPS service can be directed to a customer service agent at 1-800-395-1113.


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