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My Medical Locker

  • Allows a user to access the MML site with a username and password
  • New users will have to create an account before gain access
  • When using the My Medical Locker site do not use the back and forward arrows associated with the user’s web browser
  • Any questions about the My Medical Locker website can be directed to 877-280-6640 or by email to support@isalushealthcare.com

In the event the customer cannot access their account please provide the email used at the time of sign up to receive a security question via email which will allow the user to unlock their account.

Creating A Account?  (required info)

  1. Full name
  2. Email address
  3. Date of birth
  4. Security question plus the answer

After registering for the site the user will receive an email to complete the process.  The site is administered by iSalus Health Care which is based at 212 W 10th St # B 120, Indianapolis, IN 46202 and can be reached by phone at (317) 687-8119.

iSALUS Healthcare

  • Medical Billing Services
  • Provides Electronic Health Records, Practice Management and Patient Portal solution in a cloud-based application for a monthly fee
  • Available as a iPhone App

iSALUS Healthcare strives to provide their customers with “an affordable, fully unified Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Practice Management solution through our EHR cloud software solution.”  The firm has over 15 years in the business and most clients testify to a positive experience.  90% of their service are provided to physicians, hospitals and healthcare companies.  iSALUS customer support is US-based and easy to access with minimal headache.