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  • Access New Jersey Business Gateway Services online
  • Designed to answer questions about New Jersey businesses
  • Operated by the State of New Jersey Department of Treasury

The NJ NJBGS service is free to use and can be reached via mail at: James J. Fruscione, Director P.O. Box 628 Trenton, NJ 08646-0628.  Some of the more popular uses associated with the NJ NJBGS service includes: the ability to renew a cigarette license, file an annual report with the state, change tax/employer registration information, file and pay businesses taxes, change a registered agent office, access/print a variety of business forms, and register a new business.  One of the most popular services is the New Jersey Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services’ Cigarette Licensing Renewal Application as it will allow a business to renew their right to sell cigarettes in the state of New Jersey.  The state of New Jersey requires anyone in the state who sells cigarettes to be licensed (this license comes with a $50 annual fee per location).  The annual licensing period is April 1 through March 31 and please have the first 9 digits of the retailers New Jersey Business Identification Number when filing a renewal online.

NJ NJBGS Mission Statement?

The New Jersey Division of Revenue’s mission is to provide accurate, efficient and responsive services to the business community, taxpayers and State government in the following areas: return and payment processing; revenue recording; business registration and commercial information access; non-tax debt collection; electronic government; and electronic imaging and storage. – nj.gov/treasury/revenue/mission.shtml

Some of the more popular forms associated with the NJ NJBGS service include the NEW JERSEY COMPLETE BUSINESS REGISTRATION PACKAGE, BUSINESS ENTITY AMENDMENT FILING, and the NJ E-FILE SIGNATURE AUTHORIZATION (all of these forms are available online in PDF format at no cost to the user).

Please note anyone using the service to submit a EFT debit payment online will need their business personal identification number.


  1. www.nj.gov/njbgs