www.onlinecitationpayment.com – Pay Traffic Ticket in Maryland


Online Citation Payment

  • View or pay a citation online with the citation number and password/pin as it appears on the ticket received via mail
  • Any issues with the site can be brought to the attention of the state service department at Maryland: (301) 858-6212 or Ohio: (888) 944-6446
  • The Citation payment website is secured by Godaddy

The service will allow a user to make a payment via credit/debit card using Visa, Mastercard, and American Express (checks are not accepted at this time).  If the resident has a “must appear” ticket, be sure to appear at the court on the day and time listed on the citation and DO NOT try to pay the ticket online.  In the event the resident cannot appear in court on the given date please contact the court to request a make up date.  After making an Online Citation Payment residents should contact their insurance provider and inquire if the resulting violation may affect a auto insurance rate.

Other Ticket Notes

  • Maryland traffic tickets come in two ways: handwritten or electronic (handwritten tickets will be in tradtional ticket form and electronic will be printed from the patrol car)
  • Payment options include online, by mail, in person or over the phone
  • Do not pay the fine if requesting a trial date or waiver hearing
  • Entering a not guilty plea means a right to trial and may forfeit all chance for a plea bargain
  • Most tickets should be able to be paid online and will not result in a court appearance

Please not that when paying a ticket online it essentially is an admission of guilt and the state will assess points to a driving record based on the infraction.