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Pay Texas Toll

  • Drivers finding themselves on a road operated by the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority which operates the 183A, 290 Toll Roads, Express 1 Toll and SH 71 may have to make a bothersome payment online due to a toll
  • Somestimes the consumer is not even aware they went through a toll as these toll roads are completely automated, with no need to stop or even slow down at toll booths
  • Drivers who find themselves using these roads without a valid TxTag, EZ Tag or TollTag will receive a bothersome toll bill by via US mail

PayTexasToll.com is operated by the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority which is a state entity.  Tolls can be paid online using any major credit card.  Those who do not pat their tolls will find receiving court fines and additional fees (customers will want make the payment ASAP in order to avoid these annoying add ons).  Even if the owner of the car allows a family or friend to drive the car and they incur a toll the owner will be held responsible under Texas law.  The only circumstance in which the toll may be waived is if the car was stolen and the owner can provide a police report to back up the story.

www.PayTexasToll.com Notes

  • Pay By Mail customers have 30 days to pay their bill either in person, via check, online or over the phone
  • Customers who pay a Texas toll by mail will be charged a measly $1 processing fee
  • Any questions in regards to the PayTexasToll.com service can be directed to 1-888-468-9824
  • Auto owners who incurred a toll fee can also visit the TxTag Customer Service Center at 12719 Burnet Road, Austin, TX 78727 if they wish to speak with a TxTag agent in person
  • Please be advised that partial payments will be applied to the oldest outstanding toll bill linked to your license plate