www.peetslistens.com – Peet’s Coffee Customer Satisfaction Coupon


Peet’s Listens

  • Customers with a 16 digit code number (from the Peet’s Coffee receipt) can take part in a customer survey
  • Administered by the Service Management Group in association with Peet’s Coffee
  • Forward any questions about the site to 510-594-2100 or by fax: 510-594-2180

Once the customer has completed the survey in full they will be offered a validation code.  Customer should write this validation code down on the Peet’s Coffee receipt and present it on their next visit.

Customer swill be asked to rate their satisfaction with some aspects of service at Peet’s, such as “the selection of beverages”, “taste of coffee”, “the ease of placing your order”, “employee friendliness” and “the cleanliness of the store”.  Answer these questions truthfully as the feedback will help improve the quality at your local Peet’s Coffee house.

Peet’s Coffee & Tea

  • Coffee roaster and retailer
  • Based out of San Fransisco
  • Founded in 1966

Peet’s Coffee and Tea has been around for a while but only recently has it managed to make its way out of the Bay area.  The firm now has over 200 locations and also provides thousands of supermarkets with Peet’s Speciality Coffee.  Sadly the original location is now nothing more than a lame museum with dumb memorabilia and historical coffee equipment.  The very first Peet’s was opened up in the Gourmet Ghetto area of San Fransisco at Walnut and Vine (2124 Vine Street).  Peet’s has over 300 employees and an operating revenue of $300 million dollars.