www.prodregister.com/liftmaster – Register a Liftmaster Product for Faster Service

Register LiftMaster

  • Allows a LiftMaster fan boy to register their product online
  • ProductRegister.com/LiftMaster will provide for faster customer service (on top of their already lighting fast service), special promotional offers, and is available in a variety of languages (English, French, Spanish)
  • Regretting should only take 5 to 10 minutes depending on the customers level of skill using the Internet (registration works best from a PC)

In order to register a LiftMaster product the customer will have to provide their model number, their full name, email address, street address, the date of purchase, and who the LiftMaster was purchased from (i.e. Sears, Home Depot).  The customer also has the option to provide their phone number and the product serial number BUT this information is not required in order to complete the LiftMaster registration process.

www.ProdRegister.com/LiftMaster Notes

  • A must for customers looking to get the most of our their brand spanking new LiftMaster
  • Customers can opt in to receive exclusive offers, information and tips to help keep LiftMaster products running smoothly (this is optional)
  • If the person registering the product is an installer please make note of that fact by clicking the marked box provided

LiftMaster was founded in 1954 and offers professionally installed high-end garage door openers solutions for Homes, Businesses, Architects and Builders.  The firm is based in Oak Brook, IL  LiftMaster is owned and operated by The Duchossois Group Inc.

Any questions in regards to registering a LiftMaster product can be directed to a customer service agent at 1 (800) 528-9131.

For Parts and Accessories purchased on LiftMaster.com, LiftMaster will replace in-warranty items, including shipping, at no charge. For parts, Consumers will need to provide the model number of the operator in which the part is used.  When making a return it is highly recommended the customer uses UPS or insured USPS.  For return and warrant questions please dial 800.528.5880 or visit http://support.liftmaster.com.


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