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PNC Retirement Services

PNC’s retirement services website enables you to access and manage at your convenience the retirement plan account sponsored by your employer. The site provides you with the tools as well as resources so that you can enroll, learn to allocate assets and find out the contribution that will help you achieve your financial goals.

You can also use the website to plan your retirement needs outside of that provided by your employer. To find out the different distribution and rollover options, all you need to do is provide some basic information. PNC also provides chat services so that you can get answers to your queries from a PNC representative. In addition, PNC retirement service also offers a mobile application to help you stay connected to your account while you are on the move. Further, a short video on the site teaches you as to how you can make adjustments periodically to rebalance your portfolio and maintain the desired risk level.

PNC Financial Services

The American financial services company, PNC Financial Services Group, has more than $271.2 billion in assets. PNC’s operations include a regional banking franchise that operates in nineteen states plus the district of Columbia (over 2,700 branches), mobile and online services which includes 7,400 ATM machines, financial businesses that are specially designed for serving government entities and companies and asset management/processing businesses. PNC bank with its base in Pittsburg is the 5th largest bank in terms of number of branches, 6th largest bank by way of total deposits and assets and the third largest bank in terms of off-site ATM service.

History of PNC

The history of the bank can be traced to the Pittsburgh Trust and Savings Company founded in 1852. The very next year the name of the bank was changed to The Pittsburgh Trust Company and in 1858, the corporate office was set up in Pittsburgh. The bank’s name was changed in 1863 as First National Bank following the receipt of a national charter as per the National Banking Act.

Following several of mergers, the bank evolved into Pittsburgh National Bank by 1959 and later became the Pittsburgh National Corporation’s leading subsidiary. In 1982, Provident National Corporation and Pittsburgh National Corporation merged and created history as the largest bank merger of the time. The new entity was named as PNC Financial Corporation. During the period from 1991 to 1996, PNC acquired more than ten small banks and expanded its base to the metropolitan area of Greater New York from Kentucky.

In 2005, PNC purchased Riggs Bank based in Washington, D.C. Two years later, PNC acquired Mercantile Bankshares based in Maryland. In 2008, the bank completed the acquisition of Yardville National Bancorp and Sterling Financial Corporation.

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