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Rewards UMB

  • Explore the rewards catalog online in hopes of finding the perfect reward
  • Those who already have a Rewards UMB account can sign in with their username
  • New users will have to go through a tiresome registration process

In order to register for the Rewards UMB service customers will have to create a username and provide their email address, UMB card number, and zip code in which they reside.  The registration process should take less than 5 minutes to complete and customers will be sent a verification email to confirm registration (please note that Rewards UMB recommends that the customer changes their password associated with their UMB rewards account no less than one (1) time every three (3) months).  Once the user has register they can begin to browse the rewards catalog online for popular merchandise, hotels, flights, and gift cards.  Merchandise is the most popular reward and includes electronics, jewelry, tools, and high-end fitness products.  Travel rewards are fairly popular as well but require more reward points (travel reward options include things like flights, cruises, hotels, and car rentals).  Other cool rewards found in the Rewards UMB catalog include golf outings, spa visits (everyone should treat themselves to a massage every now and then), sporting events and concerts.

Rewards UMB Notes

  • Please allow up to 6 weeks for merchandise to arrive
  • Gift cards include restaurants (i.e. Red Lobster, Olive Garden), retail stores (i.e. Target), and car rental gift cards
  • Gift cards should arrive faster than merchandise
  • Certain adventure rewards (i.e. white water rafting, helicopter rides) are only available in certain parts in the United States

Any questions in regards to the Rewards UMB service can be directed to a customer service agent at 800-828-5357.  Those who would rather email the customer support staff can send an email to RewardsHelp@Reward-Headquarters.com (please include the rewards account number when dealing with a specific ordering issue).


  1. www.rewards.umb.com