www.safelink.com/verify – Verify Continued Lifeline Eligibility

SafeLink Verify  (Last Update April 15, 2016)

  • Allows a customer to verify continued Lifeline Eligibility through SafeLink Wireless
  • Customers will need their enrollment ID and last 4 digits of their SSN
  • Alternatively a customer can provide their zip code and date of birth
  • Questions about the site? Enrollment and Plan Changes Support: 1-800-Safelink  (723-3546) or Technical Support  1-800-378-1684

SAFELINK WIRELESS Service is funded by the Universal Service Fund Lifeline program and administered by the Universal Service Administrative Company.  Customer enablement will vary by state and certain eligibility requirements such as Income Poverty Guidelines must be met by the user.

General SafeLink Wireless Qualifications

  1. Be poor and a leach on society
  2. Eligible for and currently receive benefits from the public assistance program such as food stamps
  3. Have income at or below the designated eligibility level
  4. Do not currently have LifelIne support for their home residence or business
  5. Applicants for the SAFELINK Program must complete an application form and provide proof of their income

Individuals who are approved for the SafeLink Wireless program will be required to recertify on a monthly basis.  The individual is also required by law to notify SAFELINK Wireless within 30 days if they no longer qualify based on:

  • They stop using public assistance programs identified in their application form
  • No longer meet the criteria for income eligibility (I.E. find a job)
  • If another member of their household applies and receives Lifeline benefits
  • Any other reason under the terms defined in SafeLink Verify

Individuals who no longer qualify should contact 1-800-SAFELINK ASAP to have the benefit stopped.  Please dial the same number in the event of a change of address.

Individuals who are accepted into the program will qualify for free cellular phone provided by TracFone Wireless.  The TracFone includes airtime minutes each month for up to one year.

All individuals who apply will be notified via US mail and those who qualify are guaranteed enrollment up to a year.  After the first year individuals will have to certify annually for the SafeLink program.