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Connect Care See Your Doc

The Arkansas Department of Health has partnered with Medicaid and ARKids First families to help them find a primary care doctor (PCP) and dental care.  ConnectCare is a program administrated by the Arkansas Department of Health and is funded by the state.  The See Your Doc site will allow a user to conduct a variety of online activities such as:

  • Assign a primary care doctor
  • Update or change a current primary care doctor (PCP) to a different doctor
  • Obtain information and phone numbers for other organizations or programs

For assistance with finding a doctor, scheduling appointments or dental related issues please dial 1-800-275-1131 or 501-614-4689 (TDD: 1-800-285-1131).  The Connect Care outreach program help spreads the word of the organization through community events, newsletters and brochures.  The Connect Care newsletter is published three times year and is sent to registered users.  All school teachers or nurses who would like more information about events should dial 501-280-4179.

Other Connect Care Services

  • Assign/Change My Doctor
  • Doctor’s Directory
  • Dental Coordinated Care
  • Arkansas Health Connector

The terms “PCP” is frequently used by the Connect Care site, please note that this stands for Primary Care Physician.  It should be noted users are not required to have a doctor when they meet any of the following terms:

  1. Medicare is their primary insurance
  2. The user ONLY has Family Planning Medicaid
  3. Live in a nursing home or intermediate care facility for the mentally impaired
  4. The user is in a “spend-down” eligibility category
  5. You are briefly outside the state of Arkansas for treatment

It is recommended that those on Medicaid should contact their case worker when searching for a Doctor.  If the user is enrolled in SSI (Supplemental Security Income) they should visit their local DHS office for assistance when choosing a doctor.

Other Facts

  • Medicaid eligible family members may have different doctors
  • Any unresolved disputes between a Connect Care Doctor and a patient can be directed to 1-888-987-1200
  • Arkansas Medicaid doctors are known to other providers and a patient should bring their Medicaid card to every appointment

If the patient does not have a medical referral for covered services from their Primary Care Physician the patient will be responsible for the bill.

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