www.showcasestarpass.com – Earn Points and Receive Rewards

Showcase StarPass

  • Sign up for the lucrative Starpass card which will allow movie goers to earn 10 points for every dollar they spend
  • ShowcaseStarPass.com is managed by National Amusements
  • Members will earn free popcorn, movie ticket, or soft drink voucher with every $75 they spend

Once the member has earned the free promotional item it will be printed when the card is swiped at a ticket kiosk, box office, and concessions stand.

Please note the card must be activated online before reward points can be accumulated.  Members who misplace their card should allow up to 72 hours for the old reward points to transfer to the new card.  In order to confirm points were earned for a specific transaction the member can visit their personal dashboard at showcasecinemas.com and visit the Transaction History page.

www.ShowcaseStarPass.com Notes

  • A free regular popcorn will be earned if the member makes a purchase anytime after their birthday with in 30 days
  • Those who register online will receive a StarPass digital card
  • The movie goer will not have to include a photo ID when making a purchase with the StarCard (only the Starpass card or Starpass number is required)
  • This is a MUST for consumers who go to the movies more than a few times per month
  • Those who forgot to use their My StarPass card when making a purchase are not allowed to apply for a credit
  • National Amusements reserves the right to cancel or modify the terms of this promotion at anytime for any reason
  • The Starpass card can be used to earn points and receive reward vouchers at participating theatres
  • Movies playing in the Director’s Halls, Lux Level, IMAX, 3D, and XPlus are not available for free ticket use

Any questions about the Showcase StarPass rewards program can be directed to Starpass@Showcasecinemas.com (a toll free number could not be found).  Any questions via US mail can be directed to: National Amusements, 846 University Avenue, PO Box 9108, Norwood, MA 02062-9108.


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