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smiONE Card

The smiONE prepaid Visa card site allows a consumer to access their card account online.  The card can be used everywhere VISA debit card are accepted and are issued byThe Bancorp Bank who is Member FDIC.  The smiONE website allows the following activities for register users:

  1. Add money to a smiONE card
  2. Check account balance
  3. View recent purchases and transactions
  4. Set up text and email alerts
  5. Add up to 5 cards on one account

Please see the number on the back of the smiONE VISA card for any questions about the online services.  It should be noted a username and password are required to login to the secure smiONE Prepaid Card website.

smiONE VISA credit card benefits

  • Requires no credit check
  • Can be reloaded
  • Purchasing power of VISA
  • 24/7 account online access
  • Can be reloaded online, with cash, paycheck or tax refund

Cash deposits can be used using MoneyGram, Western Union or VISA Ready Link.  The most popular form of adding money to a smiONE card is in the form of direct deposit.  The direct deposit method is free and can be set up by filing out the smiONE VISA card direct deposit form.  Customers with more than one smiONE card can conduct card transfer when needed.  The card also features no overdraft charges since the customer can only use the amount of funds available on the card.  All transactions over the limit will be denied or will have to be paid using a payment other than the smiONE VISA card.

  • Domain: www.smionecard.com
  • Operated by: Bancorp Bank with a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc.
  • Designed for: Individuals who are not interested in a traditional debit or credit card