www.t-mobilerefund.com – Premium SMS Refund Program

T-Mobile Refund

  • A refund program intended for current and former T-Mobile customers who may have incurred unauthorized charges for third-party Premium SMS services (aka charged for text messages without prior consent)
  • Operated by T-Mobile
  • Any questions about the site/program can be directed to “Premium Text Message Refund Program” at P.O. Box 35126 Seattle, WA 98124-5126 or by email at T-MobileRefund@gcginc.com or by calling 1 (855) 382-6403

Common third-party text that may fall under this T-Mobile refund program include charges for sports scores, weather, lotto, jokes or horoscopes type text.  These text charges must be unauthorized by the customer in order to receive a refund from T-Mobile.  These third parties usually will use a 4-, 5-, or 6-digit number or short code in hopes to get a customer to respond to the text or may simply direct the T-Mobile customer to a third party website.

Premium SMS Refund Program Notes

  • April 30, 2015 will be the deadline to submit an account summary request
  • June 30, 2014 will be the deadline to file a claim
  • The amount of refund will vary depending on a variety of factors to include the amount of unauthorized Premium Text Message charges that have not already been reimbursed
  • Those who qualify for a refund from T-Mobile will receive the refund as either a account credit or refund check (current T-Mobile customers will receive a credit while former customers will receive a check)
  • Customers can call T-Mobile Customer Care at 1 (877) 453-1304 to have a free “block” put on their phone preventing such third-party text
  • Allow 14 days for the credit to be processed or the refund check to be delivered

In order to file a claim under the T-Mobile Refund program a customer must first register.  In order to register the customer will need their Full Legal Name, Current Mailing Address, Current Contact Phone Number and a valid Email address.  Customer will have to provide T-Mobile account information to include:

  • Billing account holder’s name
  • Billing Address
  • Email address associated with the T-Mobile account
  • Last 4 digits of the account holder’s SSN, or TAX ID for business and government accounts
  • Start and end dates of T-Mobile service
  • Status of account: former or current customer
  • Type of account: Pay in Advance (prepaid) or Regular (postpaid)
  • All T-Mobile phone numbers that are claiming a Premium SMS Charge

Before customers file a claim with T-Mobile it is advised they request a Account Summary to determine if they were charged for a unauthorized Premium Text Message.  The easiest way to obtain an Account Summary is by downloading a Account Summary Request Form and emailing it to T-MobileRefund@gcginc.com.  Customer who have valid claims can either eceive a refund or credit for a flat amount of $40, receive a refund or credit for all or part of the charges identified on the customers Refund Claim Form or contest a rewarded or rejected claim.

  • Domain: www.t-mobilerefund.com
  • Operated by: T-Mobile
  • Designed for: Unauthorized charges for third-party Premium SMS